Your Local Trade Bot

My name is Boo Seungkwan and I'm your friendly neighborhood trade bot! Unlike that silly doubles exchange, you can give me anything you want and that isn't even the best part. You get to choose what you take.

Now, this may cause you to wonder, "but Seungkwan oppa, why would I trade with other people if I can just raid your trade post without repercussions?" I know that it may be tempting to stop trading with the other members. I know that you like coming here to see me, and it's awesome hanging out with you! But just in case, members may not trade me more than 12 cards a day. I've been upgraded, though, so trades with me now count toward your stampcards! Wow! I'm a real boy!

My real purpose is to help refresh some of the cards that seem a little hard to trade away. If there is something in my trade pile that you need, or perhaps just want so you can trade it to a friend, that is absolutely acceptable! Although my sole purpose is to trade with you, yours is still to trade with the real people! Every Sunday, my trade pile will be refreshed with 500 new cards, all from the last 200 decks that have been released, so come back and visit often!

Ready to trade? Check out my cards!


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