boo seungkwan


Each week, members are allowed to trade me 2 cards that I am collecting. If I am collecting multiple decks, this trade limit does not increase! You can still only send me 2 cards that I am collecting, whether those two are from the same deck or different ones. These trades still count towards your overall weekly count. Members who trade me one of these cards should keep an eye out for the acceptance email. I can bend the rules a little and I will always send you something special.

aoa-binglebangle (17/20)

april-muahnaeun (14/20)

chungha-rollercoaster (7/20)

eunji-hopefullyskyera (18/20)

exo-powersuho (19/20)

got7-justright (17/20)

ioi-dreamgirlssejeong (19/20)

kda-popstars (19/20)

mmoo-starrynightwheein (4/20)

nct-cherrybombtaeyong (11/20)

sj-blacksuit (8/20)

twice-likeymomo (11/20)


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